ADA Price Prediction Week 1 November 2021

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By Crypto Vibe

Tough time for ADA holders across the globe. Cardano, despite being among the most valuable cryptocurrencies, continues the bearish flow on the daily and weekly charts. Currently trading lower by 35% from the all-time high, ADA price may still take the bullish flight in the coming days. However, the cryptocurrency has covered eight consecutive days of closing below the open price. Let’s not forget the optimist market picture for Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies in the past few weeks. Cardano is continuing to defy the bullish thesis regardless. Now we are stepping into November with the first week just started. Let’s take a look at the ADA price prediction to see possibilities.

Gann’s Cycle Completed

Cardano price was expected to take a flight over the weekend owing to the completion of Gann’s ‘Death Zone’ Cycle. The cycle can last around forty-nine to fifty-two days in any persistent direction. While keeping in view ADA’s progress over the past weeks, and by monitoring the repetitive predictions of bullish flow, Cardano price may soon take an optimist turn.

ADA Price Prediction

For Cardano holders, it is really important to understand why this week can be a change in ADA price plans. On the charts, there is also a Bullish Catapult coinciding with the Gann’s Cycle. It is set up on $0.02/3-box reversal Point and Figure chart. While this may be valid, if Cardano drops below $1.94 at any point, the stated thesis may be invalidated. On the flip side, if ADA shows progress and rises above the same level, we may witness a better week for Cardano. However, for the picture to be more clear, we are still waiting to see where the ADA price closes today.

Please note that our ADA price prediction is based on the technical analysis of the market experts and does not offer any financial advice.