What is Bware (INFRA) – Partnerships, Mining and Price Predictions

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Introduction to Bware

Bware has grabbed a lot of attention for its impressive goals. This project aims to transform the challenges associated with the Web3 market. If you have arrived here searching for all the important details about Bware and its native token INFRA, we have got you covered. Here, we have highlighted every detail you need to know about this growing project before you think about potential investments. Let’s get started!

What is Bware (INFRA)?

Bware crypto, also known as INFRA, refers to the digital token associated with Bware Labs, a company focusing on infrastructure and developer tools for the Web3 space. Here is a quick breakdown of the project:

  • Project Goal: Bware Labs aims to address challenges in Web3 by providing high-performance infrastructure and development tools. They want to make it easier for developers to build and launch blockchain applications.
  • Products: Their main product is the Blast Protocol, a decentralized blockchain API platform known for its fast response times.
  • Token Utility: The INFRA token is used within the Bware Labs ecosystem. It allows participation in the network by becoming a node provider or a delegator.

What is Bware (INFRA)

What is the Vision of Bware Labs?

Bware’s vision is to create a comprehensive development ecosystem for Web3. It means they want to build a one-stop shop where blockchain developers have everything they need to build and launch their applications. Bware Labs emphasizes:

  • Easy Access: They aim to make it easy for developers to find and use the tools they need to build on the blockchain.
  • All-Encompassing: Their vision is to provide a complete set of resources, from initial development to deployment and beyond.
  • Democratization of Web3: By simplifying development, Bware hopes to lower the barrier to entry and allow more people to participate in the Web3 space.

Bware Labs Technological Framework

As of yet, there is very limited information available regarding the technological framework and scope of Bware Labs. While valid, we have gathered some details to help you get going. Keep in mind that the following information alone may not be sufficient for deriving conclusions regarding the platform’s potential and market position.

Focus on Infrastructure and Developer Tools

Bware Labs centers around creating infrastructure and tools specifically designed for Web3 development. According to this, their framework likely involves:

  • Blockchain Integration: Their core product, the Blast Protocol, is a decentralized blockchain API platform. It hints at a framework that integrates seamlessly with various blockchains.
  • Developer-Friendly Tools: Their mission to simplify Web3 development implies a framework with built-in tools and functionalities to streamline the development process.

Possible Framework Components

  • Blast Protocol as Foundation: The Blast Protocol, known for its speed, could be the foundation of the framework, providing the core functionality for interacting with blockchains.
  • Development Tools: The framework might encompass additional tools for developers, potentially including:
    1. Smart contract development kits (SDKs)
    2. Decentralized storage solutions
    3. Security measures for blockchain applications
    4. Analytics and monitoring tools

Partnership with Ontology

Their partnership with Ontology, a blockchain platform strong in digital identity and data management, suggests the framework might incorporate features related to:

  • Secure User Management: Leveraging Ontology’s digital identity expertise could enable secure user management within the Bware Labs framework.
  • Data Management Tools: The framework might include tools for managing data on the blockchain.

Overall, while the specifics are unclear, Bware Labs’ technological framework likely revolves around the Blast Protocol as a core for blockchain interaction, complemented by developer-friendly tools and potentially incorporating functionalities related to secure user management and data management through their partnership with Ontology.

Bware Labs Tokenomics and Rewards

Bware Labs utilizes the INFRA token within their ecosystem to incentivize participation and ensure the Blast Protocol’s sustainability. Here is everything you need to know about the Bware Labs tokenomics and rewards:

Total Supply

There’s a total of 100 million INFRA tokens.

Initial Circulating Supply

When launched, only a small portion, around 3,855,000 INFRA (3.85%) were circulating, resulting in a low initial market cap.

Token Distribution

The remaining tokens are allocated for various purposes, including:

  • Protocol Incentives (25%): This pool rewards both node operators (who run the network) and delegators (who contribute tokens to operators). It helps maintain the network during its initial growth phase.
  • Foundation (20%): This allocation goes towards funding Bware Labs’ long-term development and operations.
  • Core Contributors (20%): Tokens are reserved for those who significantly contributed to Bware Labs’ creation. These tokens typically vest over a period of time. (Vesting means tokens are gradually unlocked and distributed over a set schedule).
  • Seed & Series A Rounds (24.2%): These tokens were sold to early investors during funding rounds. They also often have vesting schedules.
  • Other Allocations (10.8%): This includes tokens for marketing, advisors, liquidity pools, and a potential airdrop for the community.

Earning Rewards with INFRA

  • Staking: Node operators stake INFRA tokens to participate in the Blast Protocol and earn rewards based on network activity.
  • Delegation: If you don’t want to run a node yourself, you can delegate your INFRA tokens to a node operator and share in their rewards.

Bware Labs Partnerships

Bware Labs has established partnerships with several companies to further develop their Web3 development platform and expand their reach. Here are some of their key partners:

  • OVHcloud: This cloud computing company provides Bware Labs with reliable infrastructure for their Blast Protocol, ensuring its smooth operation. Bware Labs highlights OVHcloud’s flat-fee network capabilities and high-quality support.

  • Servers.com: Another infrastructure provider, Servers.com offers geographically distributed bare metal nodes that Bware Labs utilizes for their platform and recommends to their customers. This partnership strengthens Bware Labs’ commitment to decentralized infrastructure.

  • HYVE: This platform facilitates payments using various cryptocurrencies. Bware Labs integrated their INFRA token into HYVE’s payment system, allowing users to pay for services with INFRA. The collaboration highlights Bware Labs’ focus on Web3 adoption and fosters a seamless user experience within the HYVE ecosystem.

  • Ontology Network: This blockchain platform focuses on digital identity and data management. Bware Labs partnered with Ontology to improve the scalability and efficiency of their platform within the Ontology ecosystem. The collaboration involves optimizing node operations, simplifying onboarding for decentralized applications (dApps), and providing educational resources about Web3 development.

These partnerships showcase Bware Labs’ multi-pronged approach. They collaborate with cloud and infrastructure providers to ensure a robust foundation for their platform. Additionally, they integrate with other Web3 platforms like HYVE to expand the utility of their INFRA token.

Bware (INFRA) Price

According to CoinMarketCap, the current price of INFRA stands at $1.11. This token has a 24-hour trading volume of $266,365.

How to Get Involved With Bware Labs?

What is Bware (INFRA)

There are a couple of ways to get involved with Bware Labs, depending on your skillset and interests:

For Developers

  • Bware Labs Community: This is a great starting point. Join their channels on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, or their Medium page. Here you can:
    1. Stay updated on Bware Labs’ latest developments and announcements.
    2. Interact with other developers and the Bware Labs team.
    3. Learn more about the Blast Protocol and Web3 development tools.
  • Bware Brainiac Program: If you are a skilled developer or content creator, consider joining their ambassador program – the Bware Brainiac Program. By creating valuable content or actively participating in the community, you can earn rewards and potentially become a core team member.

For Node Providers

  • Become a Node Provider: If you have the technical expertise and resources, you can contribute to the Blast Protocol by running a node. This process involves staking INFRA tokens and maintaining the network’s health. You’ll earn rewards based on your contribution.