ATA Token Scam: Is It The Right Time To Invest In Automata (ATA)?

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By Crypto Vibe

The Automata (ATA) coin is among the newest cryptocurrencies in the market right now. It has been almost a week since the time of its launch. However, there are several doubts and suspicions resting in the heads of investors. Some of the market experts suggest not to invest in ATA right now as there is very little data available about the coin. Moreover, the news of the ATA token scam has also raised doubts. Today, we will talk about if it is the right time for you to invest in Automata (ATA).

Automata (ATA) – Suspicions And Doubts

The Automata Network (ATA) coin is still establishing its presence in the market. Crypto users across the globe are well-familiar with the idea that any new cryptocurrency stepping into the market goes through pretty much the same suspicions and doubts.

Unlike some of the cryptocurrencies with a huge market cap and a strong background, it is always a recommended practice to not invest significant amounts in the beginning. This is mostly due to the unstable and unpredictable market value of new cryptocurrencies. More often than not, crypto investors and enthusiasts tend to buy the newly launched cryptocurrencies soon after the launch. While this may be true, high volatility often reaps sour losses to investors in such scenarios.

While this remains true in most cases, the doubts on the Automata (ATA) network are based more on the scam warnings issued by the Automata Network itself on Twitter.

ATA Scam Warnings

The Automata Network (ATA) issued warnings on the official Twitter profile about scammer groups. According to the company, there are several groups trying to impersonate the idea of ATA tokens to lure investors.

ATA Token Scam Alert

The company also notified that there are currently no airdrops happening at the moment.

How To Avoid ATA Token Scam?

As per the company’s official tweet, the ATA tokens are only listed on Binance as of 7 June at 6 AM UTC. If you find any online groups or traders offering ATA tokens for your USD, you may need to watch out for those at all costs.