Cardano Price Dropped By 26% – Largest Down Since May 21

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By Crypto Vibe

ADA Price Dropped By 26%

Cardano holders are in a state of continuous uncertainty with every new day bringing a whole new idea to the front. Regardless of the long-term predictions, ADA price is suffering on the charts as of today. The overall crypto market is currently observing a tough and “not so happy” time. However, ADA made it to the highlights of the town talks as the Cardano price dropped by 26%. Keeping in view the current market status, Cardano traders are catastrophic right now with the massive 26% drop.

Largest Down Since May 21

It is important to remember that Cardano’s price successfully held its position of 2018 high from May 24 until Saturday’s closing price below $1.40. While this may be valid, Cardano price dropped today confirming the ADA breakdown. Market experts are seeing this signal as the beginning of a larger decline in the ADA price dropping down to as low as $1.00.

Crdano Price Dropped

ADA has observed a positive picture in the last few weeks with more bullish signs on the charts. That said, we had shared the ADA prediction with our readers a few days ago highlighting the uncertainty in the behavior of ADA on the charts.

How Far ADA Decline Can Go?

As of now, there are a lot of speculations hinting at the continued decline of ADA prices. Let’s not forget that Cardano developers are pursuing their previously announced partnership agreements with the Ethiopian and Tanzanian governments.

The crypto market is highly dependant on the crypto news. Just like Elon Musk has been crucial in setting the direction of the Bitcoin market, there is a chance that any latest news related to Cardano may arrest the decline in price and set the direction towards a positive momentum.

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