Cumrocket Coin Price Goes Up By 350% – Here’s When It Will Fall Down

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By Crypto Vibe

If you follow Elon Musk on Twitter and check out his recent tweet, you may be wondering what is Cumrocket Coin (CUMMIES) and why Elon Musk is endorsing it. You may have also read that the Cumrocket Coin price goes up by 350%. If all this information is raising questions in your head, we are here to help you. Here, we have covered what really is Cumrocket Coin and how the price is rising up immensely. Let’s get started.

Cumrocket Coin (CUMMIES)

Cumrocket Coin Price prediction

The Cumrocket Coin is a cryptocurrency with an aim to empower the adult entertainment ecosystem. It is a marketplace for adult content. Cumrocket is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) enabling content creators to pay and receive payments in the form of CUMMIES.

The Whopping 350% Price Increase

The price of Cumrocket Coin (CUMMIES) was resting at its 24-hour low of $0.05482 until something surprising (yet not so surprising) happened.

Elon Musk tweeted a set of emojis on his Twitter handle that set fire to the prices of Cumrocket Coin. The set of emojis translates to “Cumrocket to the moon”. Crypto users across the globe are seeing it as an endorsement from Musk’s side.

Soon after the tweet, the price of Cumrocket Coin went over 350% high at $0.2481. The price settled at $0.1798 as of press time.

When Will The Price Of Cumrocket Coin Fall Down?

It is important to remember that Elon Musk’s influence on the crypto market is not new. Just a few days back, he tweeted against Bitcoin and everyone knows what happened next – The crash of the BTC price.

This time, he is back signaling in favor of Cumrocket Coin (CUMMIES). A large number of crypto users have bought CUMMIES after his endorsement. This also means that the buying ratio will most likely go higher than the current level. However, the suddenly increasing trend of purchasing CUMMIES can lead to the market price of Cumrocket dropping in the next week.

Moreover, any further tweets from Elon Musk regarding CUMMIES can also cause the turn of events, for better or for worse.

Please note that the prediction of price for the next week is an opinion based on careful analysis and trading practices.