ETH Crashed 15 Percent Against Bitcoin | ADA, DOGE, & XRP Also Down

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By Crypto Vibe

The last few days have been highly crucial for BTC holders as Bitcoin struggled to recover after the recent flash crash. However, BTC continued to recover over the last week’s timeframe and reached the six-day high at $38,500. While it’s getting better and better for Bitcoin holders, the situation is not so good for altcoin holders. ETH crashed 15 percent against Bitcoin in less than two days and continues to struggle.

ETH Loses 15% To BTC

Although Bitcoin is continuing successfully towards recovery, the room for altcoins is a bit too tight right now. The last 24 hours have dropped some value for all the major altcoins in the market.

ETH crashed 15 percent against BTC

Ethereum spiked above $2,600 as o yesterday. However, it went down well below the $2,500 level after a 4% slump. Here, it is important to mention that ETH has lost a significant amount of value against BTC in less than 2 days timeframe. As of now, the fact that ETH crashed 15 percent against BTC is a moment of displeasure for all ETH holders.

ETH Position In Coming Days

Experts are looking at this 15% drop as “Not so good” for now. While this may be a valid opinion, all eyes rest on the weekend to see how altcoins starting from ETH continue to be on the charts. Moreover, the positive figures of BTC will most likely show the ripple effect in the coming week as well.

ADA And DOGE Price Drop

If we talk about the other important altcoins like Cardano (ADA) and Dogecoin (DOGE), the picture is not so positive as of yet. ADA is down by 4% to $1.5. Dogecoin (DOGE) is currently struggling at $0.32 observing a 3.5% price drop.

Moreover, XRP is also down by 2.5% below $0.9. Other altcoins including DOT, UNI, and BCH are observing a similar downtrend by dropping 5%, 6%, and 2% respectively.

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