FET Price Prediction – A 60% Gain In Red Market?

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By Crypto Vibe

The recent market meltdown has taken a number of popular cryptocurrencies down the slope including BTC. However, it looks like the Fetch.ai protocol completely ignored it and remained unaffected by the red market. Not only that, the FET price went up by 60% due to the real-world use cases and protocol upgrades. As many of you may already know that the real-world adoption of blockchain technology is slowly developing. The process requires the right use cases. Moreover, it also requires a potential audience open to new experiences and opportunities. The increasing number of real-world applications is one of the key factors behind the FET gains. Let’s read further to find the FET price prediction.

Why FET is rising?

FET price prediction

Fetch.ai protocol or FET was added to Coinbase this July. As a result, the popularity and price of FET rose. Moreover, Bosch’s plans to use the Fetch.ai protocol for its machine learning research is another key factor in setting the base for the rise in the price of FET.

It is important to mention that Fetch.ai is a platform for connecting IoT (Internet of Things) devices as well as algorithms to enable collective learning.

FET Price Prediction

The current price of FET is standing at $0.9585. The increasing interest in the Fetch.ai protocol is raising the bars in an otherwise red market. According to Walletinvestor a few weeks ago, the FET price should have reached $0.8044. However, it looks like the rising popularity has already brought the price that high. Moreover, there is a strong prediction based on the analysis of the Fetch.ai protocol that the FET price will reach $1.96 in five years. While this may be valid, it looks like the FET tokens are already a step ahead in the race and may soon cross $1.00.

Please note that our FET price prediction states the analysis based on the daily and weekly charts. We do not share any financial advice for crypto users.