FTX Price Prediction – A 25% Upside for FTT Holders

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By Crypto Vibe

The FTX Token is the current hot highlight in the global cryptosphere. While many investors are looking to reap good value of the money, others are investing in FTT at the moment. What is the driving force behind this sudden interest? We are here to find out. As a result of the recent fundraising done by the company, the FTX token has witnessed a rise in the price and global interest. In the past few days, the price of the token has risen three times trading at $64.85. Let’s get into further details to find out the FTX price prediction in the current market scenario.

FTX Recognition and Value

One of the key reasons FTX is the centre of attention for many crypto users is its concrete recognition. FTX is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world. The biggest brand of the exchange transacts cryptocurrencies worth more than around $4.9 billion.

In a recently issued statement, the company stated that it raised more than $460 from 69 investors. The investors list includes names like Temasek, Tiger Global, and Ontario Teachers Pension Fund.

Let’s also not forget that this new funding came a few months after the previously raised figure of $900 billion. The current worth of the company is valued at $25 billion.

FTX Price Prediction

With the recent boost in value of the company, the price of FTX token has increased about three times in the past four days. It is a hot time for traders looking for a decent selloff. While this may be valid, the company is most likely looking to spend the money in expansion through marketing. This means that there are bright chances of the FTX price to go further up in the race. For those looking to invest, it is still not late.

Please note that our FTX price prediction is based on the technical analysis of the daily and weekly charts. We do not offer or impose any advice to our readers.