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King Of Charity Token Is Under Development!

If you are an active crypto marketer, you may have an idea of how quickly new cryptocurrencies surface on the face of the global market. At one moment, there is no information about an upcoming cryptocurrency. However, the next moment may surprise you with a whooping high market interest for the same virtual currency. Today, we are here with a surprise for crypto users in Pakistan. King Of Charity token is going to be launched and they have mentioned EDHI in their whitepaper.

What Makes King Of Charity Unique?

As the name speaks for itself, the King Of Charity token aims to focus on charity across the country. There are several charity organizations and institutions in Pakistan that are tirelessly contributing to help those who are in need. While KOC has mentioned EDHI in their Whitepaper, we are optimistic that they will include more and more charity organizations in their list from Pakistan.

With this new idea in development, the token will support the charity organizations to look after the needy communities in different countries. KOC since they have mentioned EDHI in their white paper.

How Does It Work?

If you are wondering how this upcoming crypto token will help charity organizations, we have got you covered with the details. As per our sources, every time an individual will buy the token, 4% of the transaction value will go to the charity division. While this may be true, 2% of the transaction value will go to the marketing fund of the token at the same time. This way, a total of 6% transaction value per transaction will circulate and add to the charity net across the country.

Where Does 4% of King Of Charity transaction go?

It is important to mention that the 4% transaction value will only be circulated to national charity organizations including names like Edhi Foundation, Thai Red Cross, Direct Aid as mentioned in their White Paper.

When Will The Token Launch?

KOC has been launched and you can buy KOC from Pancake Swap or by visiting their website  KOC.Life