Linea Park Airdrop Guide

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By Crypto Vibe

Looking for all the details to avail the massive benefits of the Linea Park airdrop? You have arrived at the right place. Today, we will help you navigate Linea Park so you can unlock the airdrop rewards using your XP. Let’s get started.

Linea Park Airdrop

MetaMask Wallet – Why Do You Need it for Airdrop?

MetaMask is a crypto wallet that is more than essential for those looking to access Linea Park airdrop. Before you start your progress on the official Linea Park website, make sure to download this wallet and connect it with Linea Park. Here is how you can do it:

  • Download MetaMask from the official website
  • Create your account
  • Sign in to Linea Park
  • Locate MetaMask from the available wallet options
  • Connect it to your account

How to Earn XP for Linea Park Airdrop Rewards?

After successfully linking your Linea Park account to MetaMask, you can proceed to earn XPs. If you wonder why you need them, let us elaborate. The Linea Park airdrop can only be won if you have a maximum number of XP in your account. Higher XP increases your chances of winning the airdrop. Here is how you can earn the.

  1. Click on Quests
  2. Locate the missions
  3. Participate in each mission to earn XP
  4. Once done, click on Search (from the top tabs)
  5. Access all the missions in this section and participate in each

Completing all the missions in the highlighted sections will earn you XP. You can check the number of earned XPs in “My Progress.”

Video Tutorial

Here is a video tutorial to ease the trouble.

Complete Linea Park Missions to Win Airdrop

After completing the missions in Quests and Search, you can access Linea Park (located under My Progress on the right side of the screen). Locate all the missions available in Linea Park and participate in them. Completing the missions will get you closer to the Linea Park airdrop.

Try the above steps and let us know how it goes in the comments section.