MATIC Price Prediction Weekly- Polygon Continue Mysterious Behaviour

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By Crypto Vibe

The last weekend was quite interesting for crypto users. While most of the cryptocurrencies witnessed a positive weekend, MATIC holders saw an uncertain situation. Over the weekend, the MATIC price jumped 30% to a three-month high of $1.8750. While its traders were getting to be happy about it, the picture turned dark and Polygon could not hold the gains dropping by 14%. The MATIC token failed to show noticeable moves while many other altcoins were building positive momentum. Coming out of the weekend, will Polygon continue its mysterious behavior in the coming days? Let’s find out the MATIC price prediction weekly updates.

MATIC Rally Runs Into Trouble

MATIC price prediction weekly update

On Sunday, the MATIC price finally cleared the strong resistance at $1.7580 going up to $1.8750. However, the rally met with selling forcing the price back to finish at $1.6816 (-3.30%). Moreover, coming out of the weekend, the status of Polygon continued to be mysterious with some obvious signs of worry. The uncertainty is keeping the Polygon users in a state of confusion. Any trade-offs at this point can be risky.

MATIC Price Prediction

We are two days into the week after the last weekend. If we review the progress of MATIC in the meantime, the daily chart analysis showed that up until Saturday, the MATIC price failed to clear the $1.7580 level marking it the first level of resistance. If we talk about Monday’s progress, the price of MATIC showed good signs sticking at $1.7580. However, as of today, it has witnessed a drop again making it uncertain again. The current price of MATIC is $1.50 at the time of writing. The retreating price at this level can be a sign of a bullish rally in the next few days provided MATIC finds support at the current level.

Please note that the MATIC price prediction weekly update is based on the daily and weekly analysis chart.