How Many Bitcoins Waqar Zaka have? – Net Worth

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If you are into cryptocurrency, you might have heard about Waqar Zaka in Pakistan. This article includes all the details about Waqar Zaka, the first Pakistani crypto billionaire, his Bitcoin wallet, net worth, and how many bitcoins he has.

Waqar Zaka is a famous Pakistani celebrity who is a TV show host, Actor, Social Media influencer, Crypto trader, YouTuber, Tech Entrepreneur, and activist. He became famous for hosting reality shows in Pakistan, starting with Living on the Edge in 2008. 

Waqar Zaka Biography

Waqar Zaka was born on 17th July 1993, making him 46 years old as of 2024. He was born in Tehran, Iran. Then, he moved to Karachi, Pakistan. Zaka is still unmarried and has not revealed any information about his personal life and relationships. He got his schooling from B.V.S Parsi High School, Karachi. He attended Adamjee Government Science College, Karachi. Waqar Zaka graduated from the engineering batch of NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi in 2008-09. Along with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, he also enrolled in the New York Film Academy, United States and holds a Master’s of Fine Arts in Filmmaking. 


Zaka has been a famous TV show host in Pakistan. He hosted numerous shows like Living on the Edge, XPOSED, King of Street Magic, Desi Kuriyan, The Cricket Show, and Champions by Waqar Zaka. His last TV show, Champions by Waqar Zaka, was suspended by PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority). He was also promoted to Vice President of ARY Digital in 2006.

As a Film Producer, Waqar Zaka began production with a famous Pakistani film, Babylicious, starring Syra Yousuf and Shahroze Sabzwari. He also entered politics by running in general elections in 2013. His motive was to improve access to entertainment and the internet. However, he remained unsuccessful in his first attempt at politics. In April 2019, Waqar Zaka started his political movement under Tehreek-e-Tech. He also provides lectures in various institutions about blockchain business. This Pakistani crypto expert also started his crypto coin, TenUp.

Waqar Zaka, as a Philanthropist

Waqar Zaka has an extensive profile as a philanthropist on a larger scale. In 2015, he started the idea of ‘Selfie Video’ by capturing his philanthropic work in Sittwe, City of Burma. There, he helped the Rohingya Muslims, who are Indo-Aryan Muslims who were suffering discrimination at the hands of extremist groups in Burma. That group was far from NGO reach. But Waqar Zaka gathered the courage to go there himself, with the help of the Pakistani Government, to help those in need. 

He also helped the Muslims of Syria during the Syrian War by providing proper accommodation, shelter, and rescue to the survivors. He donated donations among the victims of the Syrian War through “The Waqar Zaka Foundation’. He also taught the refugees about cryptocurrency and how they could receive money from Bitcoins.

Cryptocurrency Business


Waqar Zaka started spreading cryptocurrency knowledge in 2016 when Bitcoin was only $250. He motivates people about the importance of cryptocurrency shortly. This Pakistani Cryptocurrency Billionaire engaged with his viewers through live streaming through his social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube. 

Waqar Zaka became Pakistan’s top-viewed crypto influencer and expert on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. He shared his calculated predictions about Trading that he calls ‘Godzilla trading’. He also taught the refugees about cryptocurrency and how they could receive money from Bitcoins.

Waqar Zaka mentors many in Pakistan, India and the Gulf States for his trading knowledge. He brought the crypto revolution to Pakistan as he always maintained hope in motivating people to switch to cryptocurrency. Recently, during the crypto ban in Pakistan, Waqar was the only hope for investors. He went to the courts to get it unbanned. He holds the most significant online Crypto training group. Due to his influence in cryptocurrency, he has obtained various acknowledgements at the national level, such as being the only member of the crypto committee chaired by the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Pakistan. Moreover, the Government of Pakistan also selected him as the crypto expert. 

How many Bitcoins does Waqar Zaka Have?

Waqar Zaka has been in the cryptocurrency business for a very long time. He bought Bitcoins in the initial stages. Now, he is a Pakistani crypto billionaire. He has a considerable amount of Bitcoins in his Bitcoin wallet. But the exact number of Bitcoins Waqar Zaka has is still unknown. However, he announced that when BTC hits 100k, he will reveal his Bitcoin wallet.


Is Waqar Zaka Sunni or Shia?

Although Waqar Zaka was born in Tehran, Iran, he is a Sunni Muslim.

Who is the crypto expert in Pakistan?

Waqar Zaka is the most successful cryptocurrency businessman in Pakistan. He is a famous crypto influencer with a strong followership on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

When was Waqar Zaka born?

Waqar Zaka was born on 17th July 1993. 

Who won the Bitcoin World Cup?

Waqar Zaka won the solo round of the Bitcoin World Cup in 2023. 

Who is the crypto billionaire in Pakistan?

Waqar Zaka is a crypto billionaire in Pakistan. 

How did Waqar Zaka get rich?

Waqar Zaka got rich through cryptocurrency trading. He owns various crypto-mining farms around the world. Moreover, he also launched a crypto coin under the name of Tenup. 

How many Bitcoins does Waqar Zaka have?

Waqar Zaka has many Bitcoins, but the exact number is still unknown.