What is Aethir – Nodes, Reward system, Framework and Price

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Introduction to Aethir

Aethir surfaced in the cloud computing industry as a revolutionary platform. It has gained a lot of popularity in recent months for its potential in this industry. What is Aethir? How to join it? If these are some of the questions you need answers to, you have arrived at the right place. Here, we have covered all the important details about Aethir to get you started. Let’s dive into the details.

What is Aethir (AETH)

What is Aethir?

Aethir is a project focused on creating a decentralized cloud computing infrastructure specifically for GPUs (Graphics Processing Units). Here’s what Aethir offers:

Decentralized GPU Cloud

Aethir aims to be a marketplace where users can rent out their unused GPU power or rent GPUs for tasks requiring high processing power.

Focus on AI and Gaming

Aethir targets sectors like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud gaming, which heavily rely on GPUs for tasks like machine learning and rendering.

Community Owned

Aethir emphasizes a community-driven approach, with an emphasis on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for decision-making.

Node Sales

Aethir recently conducted its first “decentralized AI node sale,” allowing individuals to participate in the network by running nodes and earning rewards.

What is the Vision of Aethir?

The limited information available about Aethir suggests that the platform aims to transform the way GPUs are owned and used. We have broken down the core vision into a few key factors below:

Democratizing GPU Power

Aethir’s vision appears to be creating a decentralized marketplace that makes high-performance GPU computing accessible to a wider audience. This could benefit individuals and businesses who rely on GPUs but lack the resources to invest in their own powerful hardware.

Community-Driven Future

The emphasis on a DAO suggests Aethir envisions a future where the community plays a significant role in decision-making and the project’s overall direction.

Enabling AI and Cloud Gaming

Their focus on AI and cloud gaming indicates a vision where Aethir’s infrastructure empowers the growth of these sectors by providing a readily available and scalable source of GPU power.

Aethir’s Technological Framework

Aethir’s technological framework centers around creating a decentralized marketplace for renting and borrowing GPU processing power specifically designed for tasks requiring high processing power. Here are the key components to remember:

Decentralized Network

Aethir leverages blockchain technology to establish a peer-to-peer network where users can interact directly without a central authority. This system allows for secure and transparent transactions.

GPU Nodes

The network relies on individual users contributing their own GPU computing power by running Aethir nodes. These nodes can be anything from a powerful gaming PC to a specialized AI workstation.

Smart Contracts

Aethir utilizes smart contracts to automate tasks within the network. These self-executing contracts govern processes like order placement, resource allocation, and reward distribution.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Consensus Mechanism

Aethir might implement a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to secure the network and incentivize node operators. In a PoS system, users who stake their AETH tokens help validate transactions and earn rewards.

Aethir Tokenomics and Reward System

Here, we have covered all the information available regarding the tokenomics and reward system of Aethir. Refer to the details below for a thorough idea.

What is Aethir (AETH)

AETH Token

  • Function: Aethir likely utilizes a token, denoted by AETH, to facilitate transactions within its decentralized GPU marketplace. This token would be used for:

    1. Paying for GPU rentals
    2. Rewarding node operators who contribute processing power
    3. Potentially governing the network through a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)
  • Distribution and Acquisition: Information about the total token supply, distribution mechanisms (like public sales or team allocation), or how users can acquire AETH is not readily available yet. These details might be found in whitepapers or on the project’s official channels when shared by the officials.

Reward System

  • Earning AETH: A core aspect of Aethir’s model is incentivizing users to participate in the network. Node operators who contribute their GPU power are likely to be rewarded with AETH tokens.

  • Reward Mechanism: The specifics of how rewards are calculated and distributed are unclear at this stage. It might depend on factors like the amount of processing power contributed, the duration of participation, or the network’s overall demand for GPU resources.

Aethir’s Core Partnerships

Aethir has established partnerships to bolster its decentralized cloud GPU network, focusing on growth and wider adoption within the gaming and AI industries. Here’s a look at some key partnerships:

Well-Link Tech

This collaboration aims to revolutionize cloud gaming and unlock the potential of AI by leveraging Well-Link Tech’s expertise in real-time cloud rendering technology. Together, they plan to support over 200 million users and develop an innovative cloud gaming platform specifically designed for AAA titles and Mixed Reality (MR) developers.

Impossible Finance

This partnership focuses on transforming cloud infrastructure within the Web3 space. By combining Aethir’s decentralized GPU network with Impossible Finance’s advisory and launchpad services, they aim to make high-quality cloud services more accessible to individuals and businesses globally.

These partnerships highlight Aethir’s strategy of working with established players in the tech and gaming industries to accelerate its development and reach a wider audience.

Aethir Price

According to CoinBrain, the current price of AETH token stands at $0.000000002092. While true, keep in mind that CoinMarketCap shows $0 as the current token price for Aethir. This token is quite new and may take time to circulate in the market.

The Team Behind Aethir

If you wonder who is behind the inception of Aethir, we have got you covered. As per the platform’s official website, the core members of the Aethir team include:

  • Mark Rydon (Co-founder & CEO): Rydon boasts experience in various industries, having held key roles at companies like NOTA Platform, Flux Capital, and Bechtel Corporation.

  • Daniel Wang (Co-founder & CBO): Wang brings expertise from the gaming and Web3 sectors. His background includes positions at IVC (Venture Partner), YGG SEA (CIO), and leadership roles at Riot Games (focusing on international publishing and Chinese operations).

  • Kyle Okamoto (CTO): Okamoto has a strong technical background, previously serving as CEO & General Manager for Ericsson’s IoT, Automotive, and Security businesses. He also held leadership positions at Edge Gravity and Verizon Media.

  • Paul Thind (CRO): Thind brings experience in sales and business development to the table.

How to Get Involved With Aethir

Aethir, being a relatively new project, offers a few ways to get involved, but keep in mind some options might be evolving as the project matures. Here’s what we know for now:

Running a Node

Aethir recently conducted its first “decentralized AI node sale,” allowing users to participate in the network by running nodes and earning rewards in the form of AETH tokens. It is recommended to check their official channels for updates on future node sale opportunities.