What Is Krest Network – All You Need to Know

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Introduction to Krest Network

Krest Network is on the rise these days with its growing popularity in crypto communities. The network has pulled a lot of market attention for being the world’s first and only Economy of Things simulation network. As peaq’s canary network, this popular network can facilitate you in a variety of experimentation including socio-economic, technical, community, and governance innovation. Let’s dive into the details to learn every important aspect about the network.

Krest Network

What is Krest Network (KREST)?

Krest Network is known as the world’s first simulation network for DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and the Economy of Things (IoT). It’s essentially a test environment built for the peaq network, which focuses on DePIN and IoT.

Here’s a breakdown of what Krest Network offers:

  • Safe Experimentation: Developers can launch their DePIN and IoT applications (dApps and DePINs) on Krest Network to assess their impact in a real-world environment. Because it’s a simulation network, there’s no risk of causing real-world harm if something goes wrong during testing.
  • Live Testing: Unlike traditional simulations that might be purely digital, Krest Network allows testing with real-world hardware and connections, providing valuable insights before a full-scale launch.
  • Socio-economic, Technical, and Governance Innovation: Krest Network serves as a platform for developers and the peaq community to experiment and innovate across various aspects like technical functionalities, community building, and even governance models.

What is the Vision of Krest Network?

To understand Krest Network’s vision, consider the following factors:

  • Facilitating DePIN and IoT Growth: Krest Network’s core function is to provide a safe testing ground for DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) and IoT (Internet of Things) applications. This suggests a vision aligned with the overall growth and success of DePIN and IoT technologies.
  • Enabling Real-World Implementation: By allowing developers to experiment with real-world hardware and connections, Krest Network aims to bridge the gap between theoretical DePIN/IoT applications and their practical implementation. This signifies a vision focused on realizing the potential of DePIN and IoT in the real world.
  • Fostering Innovation: Krest Network’s focus on experimentation across social, economic, technical, and governance aspects suggests a vision that promotes innovation within the DePIN and IoT space. This could involve fostering new business models, community structures, and even governance models for DePIN networks.

Krest Network’s Technological Framework

Currently, specific details about Krest Network’s technological framework are not readily available online. This is likely because the technology behind DePIN and peaq itself might be relatively new or under development.

Krest Network

Krest Network Tokenomics and Rewards System

The native token of Krest Network is KREST. Here is all the information you need to know about it’s usage and transactions.

Network Access and Usage

The KREST token could be used to grant developers access to the Krest Network simulation environment. This would allow them to test their DePIN and IoT applications in a safe and controlled setting.


KREST tokens might play a role in governance within the Krest Network or the broader peaq ecosystem. Token holders could participate in voting on proposals related to network upgrades, resource allocation, or other important decisions.

Incentivizing Contributions

The network might use KREST tokens to reward users or developers for their contributions. This could include rewards for:

  • Testing DePIN and IoT applications on the network.
  • Reporting bugs or suggesting improvements.
  • Building valuable tools or applications for the Krest Network.

Transaction Fees

It’s also possible that KREST tokens are used to pay transaction fees for interacting with the network. This could include fees for deploying applications, storing data, or accessing resources on the Krest Network.

Current Unknown Status

It’s important to remember that the existence and specific uses of a KREST token haven’t been officially confirmed. Here’s how to approach this uncertainty:

  • peaq Network Resources: Search for documentation or whitepapers from the peaq network that might shed light on a potential KREST token and its functionalities.
  • Community Engagement: If the peaq network has online communities, explore forums or social media channels for discussions about KREST tokens or the Krest Network’s reward system.
  • Future Announcements: The peaq network might be under development, and details about the token or rewards might be revealed later. Stay tuned for official announcements.

Krest Network Price

The current KREST price stands at $0.8888, as per CoinCarp’s data. However, the information may not be accurate due to a lack of validation from CoinMarketCap.

How to Get Involved With Krest Network?

Here are the potential involvement paths for Krest Network.

Peaq Network Engagement

  • The peaq network is likely Krest Network’s parent project. Look for involvement opportunities on the peaq network’s website or social media channels (if available).
  • Participating in the peaq network community forums or discussions might reveal opportunities that indirectly contribute to Krest Network’s development.

Developer Opportunities (if applicable)

  • If Krest Network utilizes blockchain technology or has APIs for developers, there might be opportunities to build tools or applications for the network.
  • Monitor the peaq network’s documentation or developer resources (if available) for any mentions of Krest Network development tools or APIs.