What is Nettensor (NAO) – Frameowork, Mining, Price

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Introduction to Nettensor

Nettensor is one of the recent emerges in the blockchain market. This platform is capturing much interest in the crypto market based on its impactful potential. If you have arrived here looking for the most important details regarding Nettensor, we have all you need. Let’s dive into the details to find out more about this platform.

What is Nettensor

What is Nettensor?

Want to know what is Nettensor? It is a relatively new cryptocurrency launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Nettensor is an AI infrastructure service provider that offers a variety of services including NetCloud, NetGPU, and NetVPN. NetCloud offers virtual machines that can be used for a variety of purposes. NetGPU provides GPU computing power for machine learning, AI, rendering, and cloud gaming. NetVPN is a privacy service that can be purchased using $NAO tokens.

What is the Vision of Nettensor?

Nettensor’s primary vision is to be an AI Infrastructure service provider that emphasizes ease of access and other additional features such as Privacy Service and App Chain which are our best products in blockchain and decentralized industry.

Nettensor’s Technological Framework

Nettensor positions itself as an AI infrastructure service provider, leveraging a combination of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies to deliver its products. Here are its key offerings:


Provides virtual machines that can be used for various purposes, including web hosting and software development.


Offers cloud-based GPU computing power, catering to applications in machine learning, AI, rendering, and cloud gaming.

NetApp Chain

Integrates with various machine learning models, including popular choices like Hugging Face and GPT-4. This suggests NetApp Chain might be a platform for deploying or utilizing AI models.


Provides a virtual private network service, offering privacy protection while browsing the internet.

Nettensor Tokenomics and Rewards

Nettensor has utility tokens called $NAO tokens. They may serve as the potential means of purchasing the platform’s services as it becomes more popular among users around the globe. Currently, there is no particular information available regarding the use or availability of these tokens.

Nettensor Price

The current Nettensor (NAO) price stands at $0.1111 according to the data shared by CoinMarketCap. While valid, the circulation of tokens and there market demand is currently unclear.

How to Get Involved With Nettensor?

Joining Nettensor can be tricky at this point. The network has very limited information available on the popular crypto forums and the official website. However, you can swap your crypto to buy $NAO tokens by accessing the official Nettensor website. The purchase link takes you to the Uniswap website where you can exchange other tokens to buy them. We recommend waiting for a few months (at least) before investing your capital into this recently established network. By then, the picture regarding the platform’s development and popularity may be relatively clear.