What Is UltraSafe And How To Buy It – Step By Step Guide

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By Crypto Vibe

UltraSafe is one of the recent additions to the market of digital currencies across the world. If you look up the internet, you may not be able to find much information about it. However, we have compiled some of the official and useful details about UltraSafe to help cryptocurrency learners and owners develop familiarity with it. Before we talk about buying UltraSafe, it is important to first understand what makes it unique among other digital currencies in the market.

What Is UltraSafe?

What Is UltraSafe?

UltraSafe is a digital platform that claims to be a frictionless yield protocol. By buying and holding it, users across the globe can enjoy the rewards such as passive income, and appreciated price for the currency. Although every blockchain or digital currency management platform has its own pros and cons, UltraSafe claims to have locked liquidity. This means that it is rug-proof and uses an automatic partial fee distribution system.

Less Price Impact On Each Sell

Once you buy and hold UltraSafe, each sale that you make will send a 4% (half) of the transaction fee to the liquidity. This will set an ever-increasing motion to the price floor and continuously decrease the price impact of each sell.

What Is UltraSafe?

How Can You Get Profit From Holding UltraSafe?

Once the 4% partial fee is sent to the liquidity, the remaining 4% of the transaction fee goes back directly to holders of UltraSafe. This enables users to reap a certain amount of passive income and incentives.

How To Buy It?

If you want to buy UltraSafe, you can visit the official website to see the details or try the following listed steps for your ease:

  1. Download the TRUSTWALLET app to your device and set up your wallet.
  2. Once the wallet is created, purchase BNB on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).
  3. Now, go to the DAPPS tab in the app and click on PANCAKESWAP.
  4. Now, click and Select a Currency to enter the following contract address:
  5. 0X0B3F42481C228F70756DBFA0309D3DDC2A5E0F6A
  6. Before you swap, you need to click on the wheel and Set Slippage to 11%.
  7. Now, enter your desired amount of UltraSafe and hit Swap.
  8. You can confirm the transaction on your wallet and HODL.