Bitcoin Prediction July 12 2021 – BTC Trapped Between 2 Averages

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By Crypto Vibe

Bitcoin Remains Trapped Between Two Key Averages!

It looks like Bitcoin is reversing the previous losses as of the last week. The bulls are resuming the recovery momentum from two-week lows of $32,114 reached on July 8. The next day witnessed an impressive bounce defying the Tesla owner’s warnings. The BTC sellers continued to lurk above the $34,000 barrier. The overall momentum of the BTC charts is showing bullish signals but there’s a small catch. Read below to find out the Bitcoin prediction as of July 12.

Bitcoin Weekly Prediction

BTC Closing Price As of July 11, 2021

The BTC market price closed at $34,240.19 as of yesterday.

BTC Opening Price As of July 12, 2021

As of July 12, the opening price of BTC is $34,290.33.

24-Hour High (Today)

For those looking to trade BTC in today’s date and who want to know the 24-hour high range, we have gathered accurate figures to help you analyze the market before you trade.

The highest expected range for today as per the technical analysis of the crypto market is $34,570.25.

24-Hour Low (Today)

If you want to know the lowest price that BTC can hit today, here is the correct figure to help you out.

As of the moment, the expected lowest range of BTC today is $33,911.18.

Bitcoin Weekly Prediction

After the losses of the last week, BTC seems to make back into the bullish momentum. However, as observed on the four-hour chart, the price of BTC is reaching a powerful resistance close to $34,000. Here, it is important to know that a four-hourly candlestick closing above this level could prove highly beneficial to support the bullish thesis as this would open gates towards the 200-SMA at $34,989.

Please note that the weekly Bitcoin prediction is an opinion based on the technical analysis of the crypto market as conducted by the experts.