ETH, DOGE, And XRP Show Bullish Trend On The Charts

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By Crypto Vibe

ETH, DOGE, XRP Continue Towards Positive Zone

The crypto market has observed a tumbling status over the past few days. While Elon Musk’s tweet affected the BTC prices, other cryptocurrencies including ETH and XRP are under close observation. In the current picture, The BTC price failed to surpass the $38,500 resistance level. If Bitcoin corrects below $35,500, a further downtrend is expected. While this may be true, ETH, DOGE, and XRP show bullish signs on the charts. Let’s have a look at the status of each below.

Ethereum (ETH) Price

Unlike some of the previously made predictions, ETH observed a stable status on the charts by sticking above the $2,650 support zone. Keeping in view the current status, ETH is continuing to rise above the $2,750 level.

Breaking the $2,800 resistance level, ETH can also break above the $2,880 level.

Dogecoin (DOGE) Price

If we look at the ongoing scenario of DOGE, the picture is positive despite the recent decline. Dogecoin tested the $0.365 level. However, to step into the positive zone, the price of Dogecoin needs to be settled above $0.400.

DOGE holders can expect a relatively positive trend over the next few days. While this may be valid, this week is very crucial in the crypto market to determine where DOGE stands for the next phase of the month.

Ripple (XRP) Price

XRP holders can take a breath of calm for now. As of the current status of the market, XRP is coming positive and may soon test $1.0. Here, it is important to mention that this uptrend is very crucial for XRP holders. If the gains continue to grow, the rice of XRP can rise high towards the main resistance zone at $1.10.

A Good Day For Altcoins Market?

Among the list of altcoins, many coins including XTZ, WAVES, MATIC, FTM, ALGO, ONE, and CRO have observed a gain of over 5%. However, XTZ surprised the market by rallying almost 12% and clearing at $3.80.