Ethereum (ETH) Prediction For This Week As Of June 4th, 2021

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By Crypto Vibe

So Far So Good For ETH Holders!

Ethereum holders looking for weekly predictions are at the right place. The past few days have observed good times for ETH on the charts. However, will the market collapse suddenly? This is an important question in the minds of ETH holders across the globe right now. Here, we have got you covered with the closing price and Ethereum (ETH) prediction for this week for ETH. Don’t forget to read the prediction at the end of the article.

Ethereum (ETH) Prediction

ETH Closing Price As of June 3rd, 2021

The ETH market price closed at 2,855.13 USD as of yesterday.

ETH Opening Price As of June 4th, 2021

As of June 4th, the opening price of ETH today is 2,849.66 USD.

24-Hour High (Today)

For those looking to trade ETH in today’s date and who want to know the 24-hour high range, we have gathered accurate figures to help you analyze the market before you trade.

The highest expected range for today as per the technical analysis of the crypto market is 2,849.66 USD.

24-Hour Low (Today)

If you want to know the lowest price that ETH can hit today, here is the correct figure to help you out.

As of the moment, the expected lowest range of ETH today is 2,654.18 USD.

Ethereum (ETH) Weekly Prediction

Keeping in view the expert analysis of the crypto market, Ethereum (ETH) is observing a bullish pattern. As per the experts, the charts show that ETH is going up so far and will continue the trend. ETH remained over 20EMA on the weekly charts which indicates that it will continue to go up for the coming few days. However, any sudden collapse in the market may turn the picture of the situation. So, you need to keep an eye out for BTC coming down to a low as it can be crucial.

Please note that the weekly prediction is an opinion based on the technical analysis of the crypto market as conducted by the experts.