SOL Price Prediction – Solana Buyers Can Safely Expect Huge Profits

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By Crypto Vibe

This year has been quite fortunate for Solana (SOL) buyers and traders. The SOL price has shown a pretty extraordinary status over the year with evident inclination to the bullish side. According to crypto experts, Solana will most likely continue its bullish push through 2022 as well. Keeping in view the triumphant picture of SOL over the past few months, any buying done at this moment can turn out highly fruitful for Solana holders. Will it be all good and none bad for its users? Let’s find out by looking into the SOL price prediction.

The “Ethereum Killer” Narrative

One of the key reasons for Solana’s continuous profitable status is the partners supporting it. The investing circle behind SOL includes name’s like Alameda Research and CMH Holdings and several other big names. It is worth mentioning that several large investors in the list support the project with the “Ethereum Killer” narrative. This idea has empowered Solana’s market presence and resulted in exponential returns over the past year. ‘

SOL Price Prediction

If we look at the technical analysis, the daily and weekly charts show an interesting picture of Solana price. According to the daily timeframe analysis, SOL price rose 713% between July 21 to September 8 and formed a flag pole. The formation of flag pole indicates the beginning of a bullish run. While this may be valid, the weekly chart shows that Solana price is lying somewhere above $174 resistance.

For those looking to invest in SOL are advised to wait for a decisive close above this resistance level confirming an upswing. Although it is quite unlikely, of SOL price fails to retest at this level, there are still chances of a new bull run on a higher timeframe.

Please note that our SOL price prediction is based on the technical analysis of the crypto market experts. We do not offer any financial advice to crypto traders.